Monday, June 21, 2010

life and test

Life is a series of test.

When you were born, you have entered the examination hall.

The first breath you took, was the the first test that you have passed.

Then there's the eating test, sleeping test, crying test, crawling test and etc etc.

However, since all of that are just Toddler's Test, which requires no use of judgement, so the Examiner did not write down all your marks. It is just a pass or fail test.

Now that you are older, or maybe more mature (sudah mencapai akil baligh), the examination is getting tougher. Yes, what do you expect? Only immature people will say that UPSR is a lot tougher than SPM.

Since the harder test requires the use of judgments, all your answers will be judged by the examiner. But not now, for the test is still far from over. You are still inside the examination hall. Still attempting to solve the questions. You still have time to make ammenmends to your answers.

Don't be fooled that all your answers are not recorded. Don't be fooled that all your actions are not being invigilated. Don't be a fool to fail the test even before it is ended. Don't be a fool. There's a lot of foolish people inside the examination hall, but please do not follow them, please do not be one of them.

Now that you are still in the middle of test, please continue answering the exam questions. And good luck, may the Examiner be with you, as He is the Most Compassion, the Most Merciful.

Alaalalalala life is...........???

[i got this from kak sri]

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